Waste clearing service

By Tope Babatope
Start up cost: N100,000 above. Low investment required.

Advertising: Words of mouth, personal solicitations, complimentary cards.

Why it is a good business :

Nowadays many people are genuinely conscious of the need to keep a neat and tidy environment, to this end there are many who dump refuse after sweeping and clearing their environment in designated waste disposal point. Waste disposal business is one that  many people do not give a thought about because it is seen as stench and menial.

The volume of waste generated and the nuisance it creates stuns most inhabitants and foreigners alike. Out of the total number of rubbish generated today, government waste management cannot handle more than 20 to 30 % in the urban  centers to talk less of the local communities. The remaining percentage still presents an ample opportunities for able entrepreneurs. This business will thrive mostly at the local government level. It is easy to get customers because many people cannot stand the stench of decomposed waste

Skill necessary/ Staff Requirement:

You should like to do physical work and be able to deal with people who may be picky cleanliness of their homes and environment. Ready to provide in expensive and efficient service.

Equipment / Materials Needed:

A big capacity garbage truck can cost a pretty sum of money if you can get one. You don’t need  that initially. A cheap serviceable truck will do. You need a cheap truck, rakes and strong back- either yours or someone else’s. Provision of polyethylene bags as to customers some collectors do as part of the package. Others are Shovels, wheel barrow, gloves, nose cover, brooms, packer, first aid provision , office space etc .

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Start Up:

Patrons of the waste service include not only households, but also retail stores, factories, restaurants,hotels, hospitals, office buildings, stadium and every other place where there are people

Since the essence of this business is to compliment the efforts of the government , the first step is to locate dumping sites in your area of operation after making the survey and identifying the areas that need this service get about N50,000 or a little above with personnel that will work with you to start up. You may have to provide polyethylene bags or containers for customers to be dropping their wastes.

In this business you can select between two categories either  cart pushers or those using bicycles and baskets. You may not do that yourself but be ready to employ some people who rightly deliver with close monitoring. Don’t leave odd bits of trash on the ground, them up carefully, most collectors are very sloppy and careless. A fee as small as N100-N300 a week for collection doesn’t seem like much money, but it mounts up. It takes only a few minutes to empty one or two thrash cans into a truck. Even if you average only one house per street , it will not take you than five minutes to drive from one house to another. So you can readily handle six collections an hour or 50 a day. Those 50 customers will be paying you 5000 a day or N25000 a month. Deducting your expenses, truck maintenance , dumping fees etc, there is still plenty left over. This can grow into a very big business.

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Bottom Line Advice:

Look at these helpful sales gimmicks, wear spotless, white overalls,symbolizing cleanliness and hygiene, of course people like it. Plan your route carefully, keeping your collections as close together as possible .To determine what to charge , inquire about the rates of other collectors and for best result undersell them a little, or charge the same price with a more efficient  service. Supervision is the key success factor in refuse business . If you are in the business ensure you are not smelling the refuse, not feeling ashamed so that you can make profit.

Business Start up gathered that supervisor must ensure the operators carry away the refuse timely and dispose same in designated dump sites.


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