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Why pregnancy could cause marital problems

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


Pregnancy hormones can make you feel a mix of emotional highs and lows, making many women feel more vulnerable or anxious. Some may also have trouble coping with their symptoms or even have complications during their pregnancy which can cause extra stress.
However, pregnancy can change your relationship with your spouse. While some men can cope with these changes, some may find it difficult to cope with .
Though, preparing to be responsible for a human life is enough to handle, but when there are problems caused by this changes, it must be addressed immediately because, such situation is not always ideal for those who are expecting a child and in the cause facing problems in their marriages. At times may even have no idea of what to do. Even though may put the pregnancy at the top of the list, trying to avoid the problems like plague, while this is understandable, there must be a way to handle these issues so that it would not affect your marriage .
Taking a passive approach to marriage issues will only hurt the relationship, while leaving it to fester and allow problems to grow is not healthy . Marital problems has to be avoided because, once the baby arrives, the focus should be on being an amazing parents and at the same time maintaining a happy home.
Lack of communication occurs in some situation gradually and many couples do not even realise that it is happening. This problem is common during pregnancy because there is a lot to think about at that time. It is easy for expectant parents to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
However, communication breakdown is gradual. Spouses may notice more argument than usual ,not being on the same page as often, more tension in the household and the flow may not just be the same. These happens when spouses fail to address the little problems and allow frustrations, misunderstandings, questions and unresolved issues to persist over time.
Fixing communication problem requires time, understanding and support. When you notice that something is not right just ask. A simple question from him like “Honey what is wrong?” It can lead to new insight. Otherwise, you will never really know. Devote time to identify what is not working and talk about it, this is where understanding and support comes in. There is no better time than during pregnancy to become more understanding and supportive.
Also, distance is one of the marital problems during pregnancy. It is often caused by one or two things and this results to lack of communication and failure to meet each others needs. Failure to communicate effectively causes distancing, which is like adding fuel to the fire.
In this technical age, couples tend to put less effort into doing sweet things for one another. You must make your partner a priority and verbally express your love on a regular basis.
In addition, whether you are expecting a child or you are getting old, be more affectionate and go out of your ways to do something nice just because you are still in love with your spouse.
Moreover, lack of physical intimacy is also on the list of marital problems during pregnancy. Likely causes include, existing tension between spouses as well as feeling undesirable and in some cases, fear. Meanwhile, intimacy fade away when communication is compromised and couples is at distance.
Likewise, pregnancy can lead to fear and insecurity. As a woman body changes and her tummy grows ,she start to feel undesirable. Men may also avoid intimacy due to fear of hurting the baby, all reasons are understandable but couples must maintain the passion. Sex is the major reason couples stay physically and emotionally connected.
However, women struggling with adjusting their new bodies should work with their husbands to maintain their sexual activity . Husbands can also be a huge help by verbally and physically expressing their desires. If fear of hurting the baby is the cause of your intimacy troubles, talk to your doctor, a doctor can address any concerns from a medical standpoint and provide advice for safe pregnancy while having fun .For whatever reason, Intimacy should not be compromised due to pregnancy.
Some women stop dressing when they are pregnant, in fact some women love tying wrapper during pregnancy and this act make husbands get irritated at their wives. Pregnancy does not stop you as a woman from dressing nicely and decently at home and while away from home, even though you are not going out for an occasion, learn to package yourself at home. Go for maternal gown shopping, it will look good on you and makes you look beautiful.
Lastly, people do say cleanliness leads to godliness. Cleanliness is the practice of keeping oneself and environment clean. Pregnancy does not make you to have a low standard of cleanliness, some women are so lazy to bath or wash their underwears not to talk about their clothes. In fact, some pregnant women can be so dirty with their pregnancy symptoms especially spitting of saliva everywhere. This irritates husbands and can piss them off from staying at home as usual.
Marital problems during pregnancy really have bad effect hence the need for women to work hard to maintain a healthy relationship during this period.

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