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Woman screams from sleep, runs mad

By Sade Adewale, Ondo


A 25-year-old trader, Queen Adejayan in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State has gone insane after pleading with an unknown person while asleep.
The Hope Metro gathered that Queen was sleeping on that fateful night with her husband and children, when she suddenly shouted,”e joo, e joo” (meaning ‘please, please’) from sleep around 3am.
She was said to have been behaving insane since the incident, while all efforts to treat her as proved abortive.
Reports had it that the victim who had three children has been taken to different places for treatment, all to no avail as she kept attacking those trying to treat her.
People also took to their heels when they noticed the lady’s strange behaviour in the street, as they felt she was perhaps an unfortunate victim of ritualists.
According to her husband, Kunle Adejayan, who is a commercial motorcyclist, his family was asleep on the fateful night when his wife suddenly woke up and started shouting “please, please.”
“My wife, the children and I were sleeping, and around 3am, my wife shouted “e joo” ( meaning please) three times. I jumped out of bed and saw her behaving strangely like a mad person.
“Since then, we have been taking her from one place to the other. I can’t even go to work or live her alone in the house as people don’t want to associate with her anymore because of what happened.
‘We have gone to different places where they could treat her, but no improvement. All I am doing now is praying to God for divine healing from heaven,” he said.

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