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End insecurity now, Islamic Cleric urges govt

By Adedotun Aderoboye

Leaders in the country have been charged to put an end to the high level of insecurity.

Grand Mufti of Ilorin, Fadheelatu Shaykh, Alh. Al-Imam Sulayman Faruq Onikijipa Al-Miskeen Billahi stated this  at the 16th annual Hijrah lecture of At-tanzil Islamic Foundation of Nigeria1444 A.H held at Ansar-ud-deen Community Comprehensive High School, Okelisa, Ondo on Sunday October 2,  2022.

The Hijrah celebration lecture which is an important event in Islam was tagged “Where Do We Go?” was attended by dignitaries and Islamic faithful  across the country.

The Grand Mufti called on all political, religious  and community leaders to work assiduously to put an end to the high level of insecurity in the country.

The Islamic cleric eulogized Hijrah in Islam as a positive movement from an undesirable and unfavourable situation to a desired and favourable one where the wishes of people are fulfilled.

Addressing the high level of insecurity in the country, Fadheelatu Shaykh, Alh. Al-Imam Sulayman Faruq Onikijipa Al-Miskeen  Billahi encouraged all leaders to use the message of Hijrah to move the country out of the precarious security situation in order to ensure the safety of all citizens and fulfill the promises they made before God and man.

His words “who should cater for the security of the land?  who should cater for security are the government. The government should prioritize security. Security is important to everyone. If ants can understand the importance of security, human beings should do better. Our leaders should ensure security for the people.

Many candidates who are contesting for leadership positions do not understand what they are going for. We must secure the community with prayer. Now that many of us feel like we no longer understand what is happening anymore, we need to be prayerful. We need so much prayer in Nigeria .”

The convener of the programme, the founder and chairman of At-tanzil Islamic Foundation worldwide, Fadheelatu Shaykh, Alh. Abdur-Rafiu Ajiboye Lagbaji advised Islamic faithfuls to remain steadfast in their faith despite the unfavourable situation in the country.

His words “we cannot deceive ourselves that everything is going on well in our country presently. No, it is not at all. Be that as it may, as Muslims, we must appreciate the fact that it is during a trying time that we must stand out as true Muslims with our steadfastness in Allah (SWT) as guided by the teachings of our leader, Prophet Muhammad (SAW).”

He encouraged people to vote for competent and patriotic leaders who will improve the situation of the country and shun violence before, during and after the forthcoming 2023 general elections.


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