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Pleats on fleet

By Evelyn Omotoye
Pleat has been an age long design in women outfits. Especially for baby girls, the array of the folds of the fabric which makes them flounce as they move is amazingly fascinating.

The design of pleats is gaining more prominence each day. Due to its flamboyance, it is mostly made for babies. Also, for a slimmer dame,  it is a way of flattering her skinny figure. Although fat women have taken over the design, making different charming styles to suit their massive structures, but it flatters slimmer ladies more.

Pleats could be on any part of the outfit; depending on the style. But it is better not to have it everywhere from the sleeve to trunk till down the knee. It may be pleated  sleeves with body fitted short/long gown having back, centre or lap slit. It could also be a full, flowing gown that would make an elaborate ball style for a royal or bridal outing

Short full pleated skirt of any colour is on point as office ensemble. A shorter one would go well for a sport or funky evening parties. Few pleats can also be made on any part of a dress,  somewhere along the aisle or the chest region to make a unique style.

Pleated blouse is a delight of any pregnant mama because it is free, more conveniently to put on and off, and more comfortable to bear.

In making pleats, it requires more materials because the fuller the pleats, the more glamorous the feel. More importantly, if you must wear a pleated dress, you must be ready to give it a proper laundry  so that the folds can be well arranged to bring out the best of the style.

In any case, you can make a kiss pleats,  sun-rays (a crying pleats usually on soft silk) or a variety of sizes of full pleats. A flexible sweet coloured fabric coupled with a good and trendy fashion designer would bring you to the centre stage and you will be the delight of everyone around you.

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