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Risks men face during sex romp

By Kemi Olatunde


Sex is an exercise that is as old as time. It has several synonyms such as coupling, making love, sleep with to mention a few. In different languages, the synonyms get more creative and are many. As humans couple, animal also do.

No doubt, sex is enjoyable to both sexes, It has advantages in both men and women especially when practiced with the right partner and it has a lot of health benefits.

However, older men need to tread with caution during this exercise which could oftentimes be exerting. It is important to note that there are health implications of the act for them.

To get maximum enjoyment from this act, some lovers would plan getaways where they could engage themselves in a no holds barred sex romp.

 Most times, those who engage in these sex romps make use of some substances or drug to enhance their performance and that is why they mostly don’t live till the next minute to share their experience.

Oftentimes, men are mostly at risk during sex romps. According to reports, men, especially elderly ones, do slump or develop heart complications during the exercise.

It is also observed that most of the casualties recorded in the above mentioned instances were from illicit love affairs.

Incidents of complications and death during sex romp

The news of the death of illicit lovers during sex may not filter the air on daily basis but the fact remains that it happens and it is applicable to all age groups with the older men becoming susceptible to danger.

Severally, the men involved are happily married to either successful or down to earth women who along with their families are made to face the shame when the sexual escapades of these men are blown out to the world after their death.

Recently, a cocoa merchant, Lanre Adesida  died during a sex romp with his concubine, Hadijat Oniyide, in a hotel in Ondo, Ondo West Local Government area of Ondo State.

According to findings, Lanre and Hadijat, as usual, visited the hotel around 7 pm but after the first round of sex, the 52-year-old man suddenly started gasping for air.

Hadijat, the concubine and a single mother wanted to take to her heels but was prevented by the receptionist and others at the hotel who were suspicious of her move.

It was learnt that the hotel Manager, in company of other staff members, rushed to the room only to discover Lanre’s lifeless body on the bed naked.

The hotel manager narrated, “I was at the bar with some guests who came to lodge and others who came to drink, when someone suddenly rushed in to inform me that Hadijat was panting at the reception.

“Immediately, I inquired what went wrong and she said something had happened in the room. So, the security guard and I went to the room and met Lanre lying naked on the bed.

“When I asked her what happened, Hadijat replied that she and Lanre had a round of sex after which he became tired and started shivering.

“When the police came, Hadijat was arrested. Two of the hotel workers, Morayo and Mary, who served the lovers alongside myself accompanied them to the station, where we all made statements and later, went back to the hotel.

The remains of the deceased has been deposited at the University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital in Ondo.

A source in the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the deceased had been visiting the hotel with the woman since January, this year.

He said, “the deceased is married with children while the suspect has children, but no husband, according to some people who know her very well.”

Speaking with The Hope, the suspect, Hadijat said, “When I saw Lanre’s condition, I rushed out of the hotel room to run away, but the receptionist saw me and asked what happened? So, I told her that the man has died and she called the police who instructed them not to release me.”

Also in May, 2022 the management of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State confirmed the death of one of its students during a sex romp.

 The Public Affairs Director of the Polytechnic Ibadan, Alhaji Soladoye Adewole in a statement identified the deceased as Dayo Igunnu

He said that the incident happened in the Idi-Ito area of Ibadan city, which is not on the school campus.

 It was gathered that the deceased was involved in the act with a National Diploma 2 student of the Department of Business Administration and identified as Aramide Adeleke.

 They were said to have used drugs to enhance their sexual performance.

 A neighbour of the deceased said she was horrified when she saw his lifeless body on the floor while his female partner was gasping for air.

In January 2021, Police arrested a supposed employee of the Ministry of Police Affairs over the death of an 18-year-old teenager during a sex romp

The young teenager reportedly died while they were having sex in the Yobe state government lodge in Damaturu, the state capital.

Confirming the incident, the spokesman for the state police command, Abdulkareem Dungus, said the suspect identified as Dr Albash reported that the girl was brought to him by his friends on the night of January 6, 2021, around 8 pm in the Government Lodge in Damaturu.

“There is a case of suspected homicide against one Dr Albash, which was reported at our ‘B’ Division here in Damaturu. In fact, the suspect reported himself at the police station.

“The suspect reported that the lady was brought by his friends to spend the night with him. He said shortly after rounds of sex, the lady collapsed and died right in the hotel room.

Ladies recount near death experiences of lovers during sex.

Sharing her experience, Bisi Adewole (not real name) said; ” During my undergraduate days few years back, I used to work with a company that deals in herbal products. I sold the products ranging from  ones for malaria cure to consumable sexual enhancement powder.

“On a particular day, a customer bought a sex enhancement drug from me and demanded that he wanted to test it on me. I agreed because of the money involved. To my surprise, hardly had we started the act when he fainted even with his erected manhood. I raised an alarm and he was rushed to a nearby clinic where it was discovered that his Blood Pressure was on the high side. I left the place unnoticed to my place of work to tender my resignation letter. It was an experience I could not forget.”

Also speaking with The Hope, a 39-year-old single mother who doesn’t want her name in print said; “I used to date married men before I got married. I put a stop to it because of the experience I had with my last man-friend. We dated for few months before we agreed to be intimate. I think he took a drug to enhance his performance because the moment lasted longer than expected, in fact, if I am not mistaken, it was close to an hour before he left me. Immediately he was through, he got very tired and he slept off for so long that I became scared. Although he was breathing but he was lifeless to me. He slept for about five hours before he woke up.”

Medical explanation for death during sex romp.

According to a medical practitioner, Dr. Adetolu Ademujimi “A romp is a “rough & energetic play” that isn’t restricted to sex. It can literally mean pranks, escapades and their likes.  When it’s used to qualify sex, it thus means energetic, rough sexual intercourse between partners.

He stated that not everyone is fit for sexual activity because it is a form of physical activity that requires the heart to pump more blood and its attendant oxygen to the urogenital and musculoskeletal system. When sex thus becomes fiercely energetic and rough, torrents of blood and oxygen are needed to fund the strenuous process.

“However, many men have uncontrolled hypertension, cardiomyopathies and other cardiovascular diseases that prevent their hearts from being able to pump blood and oxygen at a rate that meets the pace of sex. Without knowing their heart conditions, many men also use sex-enhancing medications like Sidenafil  (common brand being Viagra) that further increase the demand for blood (and oxygen) during sex. The inability of the heart of these men to meet the physiological demand (for blood & oxygen) leads to heart attacks (cardiac arrest) during sex romps and consequently deaths.”

Medical Director, St. Abraham’s Clinic, Akure, Dr. Victor Adefesoye while speaking with The Hope noted that the hospital has been presented cases of men slumping during or immediately after sex.

According to him, during sexual engagement, the parties involved undergo a very strenuous exercise involving all parts of the body saying “in so doing, they both lose energy.”

He explained that “men lose more energy immediately after ejaculation. It is on record that the mean energy expended during sexual activity in a healthy man is 101kcal or 4.2kcal per minute and in a young healthy woman, 69.1kcal or 3.1kcal.

“It is important to note that for a man to regain ability to perform sexually, it may take half an hour or more in a young sexually active person while in an older person, it may take between 12 and 24 hours”

 He stated that men get exhausted after sex because there are some hormones in the body that are released during male orgasm including prolactin, oxytocin and vessopresin. These hormones could react with other hormone in the body and lead to relaxation and sleepiness which is usually observed in men after ejaculation.

“When energy is being lost, there is general weakness of the body and for the lost energy to be regained, they may need to take double dose of the food they usually take. Since it is a strenuous exercise, if the body isn’t sound health wise say for instance someone with heart failure, liver disfunction or kidney problem, engages in it, the weakness becomes more pronounced and even cause any of the failing organs to pack up their functions such that an unfortunate man can give up the ghost”. He warned.

“Commonly, men with heart failure or pulmonary (lung) diseases or both, Hypertension, Diabetes etc are the ones mostly at risk of sex romp.

“Also, men can collapse as a result of exhaustion. Also drug overuse, alcoholism, tobacco and local or traditional herbs use predispose men to multiple organ disfunction/ failure which further cause sex slump.”

Medical expert explores possibility of magun( thunder bolt) to be one of the factors.

Adefesoye advised that people should also pay attention to tradition as far as the issue of men slumping during sex is concerned.

“Some men die in the course of sex because of some baits (thunderbolt which is popularly referred to as ‘magun’ in Yoruba) which have been placed upon seemingly unfaithful wives by their legitimate husbands. If unfortunately, another man sleeps with her, then he may slump but these days, it is not as common as the above risk factors.”

Many Nigerians believe in the existence and the efficacy of Magun, a well known Yoruba charm that will make a man who have sex with a married woman to slump if the charm is used on the married woman in question.

In conclusion most of the medical experts that spoke with The Hope revealed that there have been cases of men dying as a result of sex romp, noting that the percentage is high in older men.


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