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Think Entrepreneurship: Making body deodorant/perfume

By Abosede Ajala


The richest man is the creative mind, implementing the skill one acquires turns around positively the life of a person, the community/environment and the nations at large.  The World is gradually depending on entrepreneurship, which the sole is hinged on skills and virtually all our existence is not in isolation, it all depends on entrepreneurship.

The most vital thing to note is that, you need to get knowledge on the skills at your disposal, making sure that you put in all efforts for its acceptance in the market.   A deodorant is a substance that you can apply on your body to prevent odour/smell or any bacterial form on the armpit due to sweat, deodorant kills the smell, block the pores on your skin and leaves fresh and pleasant smell on your skin/body.

There are different types of deodorant, some are for tough skin, soft skin and it could distinguish between men and women.   It could also be sprayed all over one’s body.   The preparation is simple and very easy, with little or no supervision, if well prepared, it has ready market. 

Steps in the preparation of Deodorant

The ingredient includes:  glycerin stands as emulsifier, hazel, water, oil and perfume.

Different sizes of bottles with covers either spray or lock up can be used for the packaging.  The glycerin is poured inside a jar/bucket/bowl etc.,hazel, water and perfume of your choice are added to it of the quantities measured, shake well to mix properly for use.   In addition, multiple perfume can be added for more beautiful fragrance that is unique  

Oil Perfume

Ingredients/recipe: Jojoba oil, beeswax, fragonia oil, pinyon pine oil and patchouli oil.  This can be prepared inside an aluminum bucket by melting the beeswax and add the jojoba oil heat together, remove from fire, add essential oil, carefully pour the perfume and keep or store in cool place, till it solidifies.   Get 20 -30ml bottles for the packaging or your choice of packaging most used for packaging is either glass or plastic bottles, affix your label which should include the name of perfume/fragrance use for more authentication.

Oil perfume is highly in vogue, try it and be inspired. With the budget plan of between N10,000.00 to N15,000.00, you can conveniently embark on this business and make huge success out of it, needless of waiting, be motivated to engage in one skill.

Think Entrepreneurship: Making body deodorant/perfume

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Think Entrepreneurship: Making body deodorant/perfume

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