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Election of a new chairman

By Sunmola Olowookere
In this edition, the members of the association is bent on a change. Before the next meeting, meetings were already being held and the generality of the group clamouring for a change have chosen a candidate.

He was popularly known as Alhaji. He was known to be a very honest and blunt man. He was also a civil servant who they believed will be able to administer the association very well.

At the same time, the outgoing executive were in a quandary. They never expected the twist which was unfolding. Indeed, some naira had gone down the drain as some of the factions alleged. They knew that exposure and shame was imminent, yet they were at a loss on how to avert it.

The chairman whom everyone called pastor because he was a minister at a branch of one of the popular Pentecostal churches around was agitated “what are we going to do now? These people are planning to rubbish us. Deputy, were you able to bring the one you borrowed?” He asked, turning to the man sitting beside him.

The deputy chairman was also saddened by the development and he looked downcast as he shook his head in the negative.

The chairman was almost beside himself in his worry as he lamented ” secretary, I didn’t want to do it but you were the one who encouraged me to borrow the money when rainstorm blew away my roof. Now how do we face this people? Even you, you didn’t bring the money you borrowed “.

The secretary was a bus driver. He did not seem to be fazed  by all their agitations. He spoke then ” take it easy. Its not as difficult as that. There are ways we do these things.

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Let’s tell them that they are free to choose new executive. But that for accountability and transparency, we want to audit the account and hand over the books on a clean slate”.

As the other two men listened to him, they felt the tension ease out of them.

“That is how things are done, I told you. “

At the next meeting, all was set. As the change clamouring group made the suggestion for the new exco, it was unanimously accepted by the whole house.

It was surprising as they never expected such an easy acquiescence.

As planned, the outgoing executive told the whole house that the account books were still with the auditors as they wanted the new exco to start on a new slate…..protect their integrity… Bla bla bla.

All members welcomed the development in good faith. No one suspected any foul play.

Reins of power was handed over to Alhaji and the other members of the new executive.

Is the storm over? Has normalcy returned to the neighbourhood?

Election of a new chairman

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Election of a new chairman

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