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Frank Edward’s songs, my inspiration – Sunny D

By Damilola Akinmolayan

An upcoming musician, Daodu Samuel with the stage name ‘Sunny D’, is an Akure based musician who started singing at age four.

In an interview with Friday Extravaganza, he said Frank Edward’s songs is what motivated him to start his music career.


What exactly inspired you into the entertainment scene?

Although, I began to sing since my childhood, exactly when I was four years of age and I developed this talent at CAC Zonal Headquarters lpe Akoko.

As I was growing up, one day, I was listening to one of Frank Edward’s songs and the song was amazing and inspiring. Since then, I began to follow him as my spiritual mentor. Though people have been telling me that I have a call, but I didn’t know it is through this ministry?

Based on the culture and traditions of the society, what  are the challenges you are facing and how have you been able to overcome them?

The challenges confronting me have been that of finance, good instrumentalists and standard recording studio, but this didn’t stop me from composing songs because I know my God is faithful all the time.

What can be done to curb piracy in your profession?

As an artiste, people will be expecting you to join a particular association. The fact remains that as an instrument of God’s worship, I sing to win souls into God’s Kingdom and I think whoever steals my song is only helping me to spread the word of God.

What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with?

The type of musicians I’ve enjoyed working with in the past were creative and innovative. It is very easy to share and exchange ideas with such people in the area of writing, composing and planning sets together.

I’ve also preferred to work with teammates who are positive and motivational. They usually encourage me to share my ideas, even if I was unsure about it, which made me more confident and excited to express my idea, thought and opinion.”

What keep you going?

What I can say is that, it’s only God’s grace that has kept me going, without Him, no one can do anything.

How do you cope with the advances from the opposite sex?

The truth is that, it has not been easy but when there is determination, distraction from opposite sex becomes minor, and I pray God will continue to help me and other young artistes out there.

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