Marriage won’t affect my songs— Danny Young

Singer, Ajibola Danladi, aka Danny Young, is now a married man. But, in an interview stated that it still feels like a dream to him.

He said, “I felt good on my wedding day. It felt like a dream. I only felt a little tension due to the fact that it was a novel experience for me. Other than that, everything went well. I just went with the flow and watched events unfold.”

Asked if being married will affect the kind of songs he makes, the singer said, “I don’t think so. Music is business, so I will only make songs that make business sense.”

On the qualities that attracted him to his wife, the new groom said, “Her maturity, realness and family orientation drew me to her.”

The singer also urged other artistes to be mindful of the kind of image they project to young ones.

He said, “As music artistes, we are seen as mentors and influencers, so what we do and the image we project have a long-lasting influence on the public, especially younger folks. I think we all need to do better and be guided”.

He also maintained that a New Year was an opportunity to pursue one’s goals.

“I believe in New Year resolutions to an extent. I believe that as a new year begins, it provides one the opportunity to go harder after one’s goals. Determination is the resolution,” he said.

Marriage won’t affect my songs— Danny Young

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Marriage won’t affect my songs— Danny Young

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