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Meet two sisters married to Oba Ewuare of Benin

Meet two sisters married to Oba Ewuare of Benin

H ere are quick facts that you need to know about the two sisters married to one man who is the Oba of Benin.

The two sisters are from the same parents.

They are both from Benin City the capital of Edo State.

The marriage was approved by their parents.

The father of the sisters is the manager of Oba Akenzua cultural complex.

The junior queen when she was single went to visit her senior sister who is a senior queen in the palace.

 The Oba of Benin saw her, immediately he was enthralled and mesmerized by her beauty and stunning looks.

He made his approach to her to marry her through royal emissaries and according to Benin custom, a single woman of Benin descent cannot say no to the amorous advances from the Oba if the Oba likes you because Oba of Benin is the next biggest personality on earth after the Benin god.

The parents of the girls quickly approved the marriage proposal and the rest they said is history.

Aside the two sisters, the Oba of Benin is legally married to 3 other wives making his wives five in number.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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