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Nigeria @ 62

Apart from official tributes by the President, Governors, lawmakers and few cronies  of government, the 62nd independence anniversary  of the nation would have gone unnoticed. Elsewhere, activities marking the independence anniversaries of other climes are usually boisterous, eventful and festive mood frolicking with joy and entertainment of a free  state.

REGRETTABLY, the wretchedness and anguish which many Nigerians are going through today  due to the bad economy, insecurity and general anomie  appear to have subdued the mood of the people. Every where, the  air is odious with filth either with the menace of bandits, ritualists and grief of poverty hanging over their heads  making Nigeria to be listed as the world’s  poverty capital.

THE  vision of a nationhood and perhaps the hope  of being the blackman’s pride at independence appears to be fizzling out like a bad dream due to bad leadership and corruption.

NO wonder, a deep sense of despair and disillusionment have overwhelmed the citizens who  have been crushed by hunger,  anger and depression to spare any celebration.

THIS  is not what Nigerians anticipated in 1960 when the green, white and green flag was hoisted  signifying a new nation, hope and dawn.          

THE return to democratic rule in 1999 (till date) has not brought the needed development to the country. The naira continues to fall against other currencies. Corruption remains untamed, insecurity is widespread, the economy continues to dwindle, social-cultural values have diminished and the citizens – professionals and laymen – now seek comfort in foreign lands. There have been agitations for self-independence from several regions and the government has continuously failed to live up to its responsibilities.

AMIDST the tribulations bedeviling the “Giant of Africa,” hope is not lost for rejuvenation and reengineering the entire system to function effectively. Nigeria needs purposeful, selfless and visionary leadership. The country’s leadership has consistently failed to live up to its responsibilities, which has negatively affected every sector of the country. With excellent and transformational leaders, there is high hope for development.

 LOCAL production will be boosted, human life will be respected, the colonial mentality will be discarded, resources will be annexed equitably and there will be enabling environment for growth.

ALSO, it will be difficult for the country to regain its lost glory with the current social political system. The relevance of restructuring is not negotiable, albeit government continues to shy away from this verity. Adaptation of the 1963 constitution is a significant step towards national development.

 THE current marriage among the different regions will continue to unsettle the nation, and such a union must be renegotiated. There must be devolution of too many powers concentrated in the central. Each region will develop at its pace and accountability and transparency will be ensured. Similarly, state policing will end several security issues in the country. There is no other way except disintegration  which will be hurtful and painful to  Nigerians . 

IMPORTANTLY, we must continue to learn from history. Removing history from the school curriculum is a big mistake that must be corrected. Children and adults must learn from history to know where we have come from, how we get to where we are, and how to move forward.


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