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Pastor caught pants down!

Pastor caught pants down!

With Sunmola Olowookere
Mama bisola and the neighborhood pastor are currently at the center of a  Sexual scandal that is rocking our neighbourhood.

The pastor is a married man who seemed to love his wife. However, people now wonder if he truly loves him as he claimed to. He pastors one of the branches of an orthodox church (name withheld) in our neighbourhood. He was respected by most of the residents. The respect which residents had for him before seemed to be in the doldrums presently.

No scandal especially in our part of the world could be as sensational as a pastor caught pants down with another man’s wife.

Mama Bisola we all know to be our neighbourhood’s animasahun, an appellation used for women who are free with their favours, but no one knew how her bait drew an unlikely fish like pastor.

The church members are still reeling from the shock. Why would pastor do such a thing and with such a woman? Pastor’s wife is a beautiful Edo woman. She is of a moderate stature and fair in complexion. She is not in the class of Mama Bisola in the least.

She is a civil servant and also manages a poultry. She is an industrious woman although she has a no nonsense look and few friends. Her three sons were her friends and confidants.

His wife is a beautiful woman by all standards. On the other hand, mama Bisola was obese, often unkempt, jobless and a busybody. She is a full time housewife who often had more free time on her hands than was actually good for her. Rumours are rife among her neighbour about her sexcapades.

Her husband, a police man seemed to have abandoned her while two out of her four children were put in a boarding school.

No one knew when their affairs started. On this fateful day, the pastor had told his wife that he was going to visit a woman that was recently widowed on their lane. She was a septuagenarian whose health was failing after the demise of her husband. He had gone to visit her purportedly to pray for her.

The wife declined her husband’s invitation that they go there together. She was not overly friendly as she keeps a distance from the women on her lane.

He left with the assurance that he would be back under two hours.

He crafitily left his phone behind as he left. Probably so that he would not be reachable. However, this proved to be his undoing as some of his church members that were in distress came to see him at home.

His wife who grew concerned as she beheld the sick child brought by the young couple decided to fetch her husband at the widow’s home where he had reportedly gone.

However, she could not find him there and she was surprised when the old woman told her that her husband had not been to her house at all that day. They were both puzzled as they wondered where he could be.

As she stood by the side of the road wondering where her husband would be and why he would lie about his movement, she became drawn by the figure of a man slipping out of Mama Bisola’ s gate.

She was intrigued by the midnight visitor as everyone knew that her husband was away.

As the man walked towards her, she gasped as she recognized him to be her husband. She exclaimed in shock you?! “what did you go to do there? Eh?! Daddy?”.

The man was too shocked to give any coherent answer. He was puzzled and his mind was whirling on what his wife was doing outside and whether his alibi had been blown. He knew he was in trouble as his wife was a trouble maker who was only gradually tempered by preaching.

All hell broke loose as the wife grabbed his shirtfront and demanded in a high pitched voice “I asked you what you doing in that sluts’ house?”

He  could still not say anything. He begged that they should go home so he could explain to her better. “Let’s go inside, I will explain everything to you? She threatened him not to come home and that she would wound him if he tried to follow her.

He saw it as an empty threat and still tried reasoning with her. As soon as the got inside, she acted on her threat.

Things got out of hands as she grabbed a machete and began to chase him.

He ran out of the house and his wife gave a hot chase. She was shouting ” wait for me, i have to kill you today”.

She branched at Mama Bisola’s house and called her ” come out o! Madam Anfani Adugbo. Come and tell me what my husband was doing in your house at this time of the night or else we will die together today”

Wisely, Mama Bisola stayed indoors while the storm raged in front of her gate.

The pastor too refused to come home for several days until some elders in our neighbourhood intervened and settled the rift between the couple.

what has pastor doing in a woman’s house late at night? He had not denied the accusations or said anything in his defense.

His silence must mean guilt, does it not?

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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