‘I began singing at age 9’

‘I began singing at age 9’

By Itunu Oloyede
An Akure based upcoming gospel singer, Precious Oreoluwabukolami Precious Anisere also known as ‘Minister Precious’ has said that she dabbled into music when she was 9-year-old which makes her parents felt that she was young to be a singer.

The artiste during an interview with Friday Extravaganza said that she went into music due to her talent and the passion she has for it.

“My talent, my passion for music and the people around me prompted me into music. It was  so obvious and  passion for music is in me that the people around me urged me to make use of it to be a great person”.

“When I was younger, I thought I did not have a beautiful voice therefore I do envy my aunt whenever she sings because she has a tiny voice. Also, she knows how to scale when singing. But when I began to learn how my aunt  sing, I noticed that I could sing even if my voice is not melodious like my aunt so I started singing and over time, when people heard me sing they assisted me to come out big and fine by series of trainings before I could be what I am today”.

Precious who hails from Ikun-Ekiti, Moba Local Government, Ekiti State, said that it was only her grandmother who supported her to go into music.

“I have the full support of my grandma. I was living with her when I was younger, if I wanted to go for rehearsal or concert I’d take permission from her and she never said no. Being a young girl, I started singing quite early and my parent felt  I was  too young for the places I go.

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I hardly sleep at home, it is  either I am at a rehearsal or concert  I was already liking what I was doing I mean going to rehearsals, concerts and seeing people sing.

My parent complained but thank God for my grandma, I could remember back then when I wanted to go to rehearsal or so, my dad will refuse to let me go  but my grandma will tell him to leave me and let me go so I learnt”.

The student of Ecotourism and Wild Life Management at Federal University of Technology Akure, added that her first ministration was at her church, First Baptist Church at Oba Adesida road, Akure. Also, she explained how she juggled both studying and singing together.

“It is not easy to do two necessary things at the same time. I do not have time to rehearse like when I started singing, I rehearse when I just feel like. However, I have been singing before getting an admission into tertiary institution, I cannot stop studying because of my music career. Also, I cannot stop my music career because of my studies. Had it been what I am studying is in line with my career, it would have been great. But no matter what, academics comes first and with the grace of God I juggled the two”.

The artiste who said that she could sing till eternity mentioned her role models in likes of Tasha Cobbs, Shola Allyson and Jekalyn Carr.

“If one is worthy of emulation, I so much cherish them. The people I mentioned above makes me get better musically so I role modelled them and I enjoyed them singing”.

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“I believe help comes from God and when it is time, He will push me to where He wants me to be. My vision is to be a great gospel singer and to draw lives to God so that light should shine in the heart of men through the pattern and style of my music”, he noted.

She urged upcoming artistes to focus. Also, she advised parents to be supportive and not to be over protective.

“Music is a delicate thing and if one is not careful one will mix it up totally. There will always be distractions  Therefore, do not lose vision and always know your purpose on earth.

“Parent please do not be over protective, it kills. All you have to do is to sit these children down, know what they really love, help them to achieve their goals by prayers and release them into God’s hand. If you know your children has passion for music, let them go for it”.

‘I began singing at age 9’

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‘I began singing at age 9’

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