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MAN seeks  improved power supply

By Fatimah Muraina
The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in Ondo state has called for better power supply so as to remain in  business.

The Vice Chairman of the state chapter of the association, who is also a former chairman of Poultry Farmers Association of Nigeria , Cheif Adedeji Omisami made the request, in an interview with The Hope in Akure.

Omisami, speaking on the association’s plight said the problem is epileptic  power supply, making  the cost of production very expensive.

The situation Omisami said slows down  entire production  process, stressing that many other  manufacturers have relocated to other countries where power supply is guaranteed.

He said most manufacturers have not been able to satisfy the local market less to talk of exportion.

He advised on the need to develop a system where certain areas will know when they will have  electricity so that they can tailor their programme towards that time.

” Even if it is at home and you know,you need to pump water, or you need to heat your water, you plan to meet up when the power is on”, he said.

MAN seeks  improved power supply

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MAN seeks  improved power supply

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