‘Most  marketers are not truthful’

‘Most  marketers are not truthful’

By Bamidele Kolawole
Akinyemi Odunlade  is a Nigeria musician, who has  been singing  for the past  two decades said that  his music is to change people’s lives. But  lamented  the  attitude of marketer to  upcoming  artistes  which  might  not  help in building  their  careers.

Tell us  your background?

My name is Akinyemi Odunlade I am a native of Ikere Ekiti, in Ekiti state . I went to Bobas Nursery and Primary School, in Ikere and Annunciation Secondary School, Ikere-Ekiti, later. I proceeded for my first degree at Ekiti State University, EKSU, to study History and International Studies. I am the  last born of my family.

Why did you choose music as a career?

I chose music as a career simply because I have the gift and passion for music.

Who is your mentor?

God Almighty is my mentor, because I look on to God all the time and God Almighty teaches me all the time and give me inspiration.

What are the challenges you have encountered since you started singing.?

The main challenge is money. No money to enter good studio  and  come out with a good production.

How did you start?

I started singing at a tender age, but I never take it as a serious business. But now, I started taking music seriously when I was in the secondary school. That was when I joined choir in my church,  I can boldly say I discovered myself in the choir and thank God for the help of one of my able brother, Mr Bayo Ogunseemi who God used to sharpen the gift.

He advised me to  compose solo to many choruses which we  sing during  special programmes in church and I will do it and  give  it to him,  he will make some corrections and tell me to go back and do it. That was  how I started composing  and I’m  still waxing stronger in the music ministry.

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What is your aim in music?

My main aim  is to change people’s lives for better and to make people realize that they can be useful for God. There are some people who have this gift, but believe they can’t discover themselves I want to admonish people to  discover themselves and work for God and also to be a good role model for people.

How long have you been singing?

I have been singing for the past twenty-one years.

Can you rely on the job alone without doing any other business along with it.

Yes, I can rely on the business without any job, but the only problem is that now when there is no strong financial back up. If I can be able to get a financial back up, the deal is done.  I will be able to do many things like having studio and instruments and have a  lorry to convey my group and instrument to any outing.

How do you get inspiration to compose songs?

 I get my inspiration, through drum of a music or from the Bible, I will just  sit down and write. But if it’s on the road,  I will record it on my phone so once I settle down, God will inspire me.

Another thing is that, some times when I am with my band boys, I create songs with them.

  Can you allow any of your children to do this in future?

Yes of course, once he or she has the gift like myself and at the same time shows interest, I will guide him or her because I can’t choose for my children .

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Your advice for  upcoming artistes.

My advice for the upcoming musicians is simple. They should not rush to be in limelight. They should be patient, they should always remember that there is time for everything in life. They should be diligent in their  ministry. They should always remember that the Bible says “See thou a man that is diligent in his business, he will stand before the King and not before  mere men” .

What interests you in music?

My interest in music is simple. I feel extraordinary whenever  I am on stage singing, extraordinary to the extent of weeping, some times when ministering also no matter what happens to me, in his presence when singing, I feel happy.

How many countries or states have you been to since when you have been singing?

I  have never traveled  out of this country since I started my music career. But I have traveled to almost every states of the federation, especially states within the southwest region of the country. I have been there invited to perform. But I know one day, I must travel out of this country.

Have your release any album?

Yes I have released one album entitled: “Dasi Oro Mi” that is the only album I have released, but due to financial problem my  I can’t go for more in studio.

Tell  us  about your experience in Music Industry.

I realised that once you don’t have good amount of money no body is ready to assist you to enter studio for or  production and also most of the marketers use us and dump us as in when the album is  selling in the market and you can feel it outside. Most of them will  tel you that they sold nothing much that is why most singers carry the cross of been selling their album themselves so my brother it’s tough somehow but I know for sure that what God will do he will surely do it

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What can you say concerning marketers, producers and piracy?

Concerning marketers I have said a little about them . The way most of them are not  being truthful, concerning piracy i must tell you it’s killing us only God can intervene. Also, we need the assistance of the government. Producers need to be considerate about us in term of financial capabilities.

‘Most  marketers are not truthful’

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