Twinkling with stones and pearls

By Evelyn Omotoye
Stones, pearls and beads on a typical fabric especially African prints are the in-thing for babes and mamas nowadays.

For quite sometimes now, no serious fashion innovation has been able to overtake the use of stones and pearls on fabric materials for varieties of women outfits.

From headgear to blouse, skirt or gown, buba and wrapper among other types of outfit (mostly informal dress), stones, pearls or beads can be used to trace out different beautiful  patterns on the fabric.

Mostly now on traditional wedding atirre, even the wedding gown itself, stones, beads or pearls or combination of these make much sense when they are set in a special array to brighten up the bride. For dinner party or any other evening outing, the glitters from the stones on the apparel can be irresistible by all eyes.

Be it plain material or patterned, the arrangement of the stones mixed with colour-matching pearls will bring out the best in the clothing irrespective of how simple the style might be. Also try it more on embroideries, it can be more fantastic!

Apart from the glitz and glamour stones and pearls added to the fabric,  it makes the outfit unique and classy, thereby making the individual eligant and confident while stepping into any party or event.

You can book with a designer or an operator to get you the latest parttens that will sparkle up your clothings. Better still, you can get the packet of stones of your choice colour and size and arrange it on your already sewn  dress(es) and get them stuck on it with hot iron or gum for pearls.

You cal also try out paper-stones, cut out the pattern and paste to make a chic design on your outfit. In all, get quality stones pearls or beads that stick very well with  long lasting glitters .

Twinkling with stones and pearls

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Twinkling with stones and pearls

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