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The golden touch

By Kemi Olatunde


Once, there lived a greedy man in a small town. He was very rich, and he loved gold and all things fancy. But he loved his daughter more than anything. One day, he chanced upon a fairy. The fairy’s hair was caught in a few tree branches. He helped her out, but as his greediness took over, he realised that he had an opportunity to become richer by asking for a wish in return (by helping her out). The fairy granted him a wish. He said, “All that I touch should turn to gold.” And his wish was granted by the grateful fairy.
The greedy man rushed home to tell his wife and daughter about his wish, all the while touching stones and pebbles and watching them convert into gold. Once he got home, his daughter rushed to greet him. As soon as he bent down to scoop her up in his arms, she turned into a gold statue. He was devastated and started crying and trying to bring his daughter back to life. He realised his folly and spent the rest of his days searching for the fairy to take away his wish.
Moral of the Story
Greed will always lead to downfall.


From my corner

Hi children, how have you been? Sure you are enjoying every bit of the compulsory break.
I’m sure it feels good to have all the time to yourselves, well that’s nice but it is also important to make judicious use of every second you enjoy to add value especially to yourselves.
The smart ones among you have gained a lot in the last few months not only in academics but also in other aspects. It is not too late to wake up from your slumber if you are yet to have any advantage over your friends.
Always have it at the back of your mind that time wasted can never be recovered hence, the need to act fast before it’s too late. Make up your mind to learn something new if you are tired of going through your books.
Haven said all these, always remember to stay safe by ensuring that you embrace all the precaution measures put in place to fight the COVID – 19 pandemic. Enjoy your weekend!


Laugh it off

Life is really crazy You dream that u have a car, when u wake up, u have nothing! U dream that u have money, when u wake up, u have nothing! But try to dream that u’re urinating, that’s when ur dreams come true.

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