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Living for Eternity

By Joshua Iginla


“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is-eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” Romans 6:23

There is nothing God has created that he hasn’t an eternal plan for; especially man that he created in his true image and perfect likeness. However, man has to die, either by physical death or by rapture to make eternity! Now, one of greatest erroneous feelings about death is that we think life ends with death, but this is not true because death is not the end of life but the beginning of yet another life; it signifies the beginning of another journey either to hell or to heaven.
Heaven and hell are real and incontestable as the infallible word of God (Bible) will reveal. Some seek to die and leave this turbulent and sinful world so that they may have the opportunity to rest in peace, but a life full of sin cannot find rest at all. Where are you heading to? Where will you transit to? Where will you spend eternity? Death is life in transition and not the end of life; life does not begin and
end here on earth but in the life to come. We are strangers,1 nay pilgrims here on earth; when,the curtain is drawn this will be made very real and manifest as we exit the stage of life… where will you spend eternity?
Everything we see now are sure pointers to the fact that the world is about to end. True success is not in our life gains and material well-being but being rapturable and making it to heaven.. .for what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? It is not of the Pastor, or the mammoth size of the congregation, or the magnificence of the church, but of the members that make it to eternity with Christ Jesus. The mandate of any genuine ministry is to prepare a people without spot or wrinkle; a people without blemish and made ready for heaven at all times! We must fear the white throne judgement! We crave for vain, material and mundane things, but all of life is nothing but vanity. Everything owned in this life is ephemeral, transient and temporary; we will leave them behind as we transit to the great beyond; others will possess them…where will you spend eternity?
Death is not the worst enemy of man, but the second death! Yes, we are enroute to meet our maker; someday every one of us will surely die, either by physical death or taken up by rapture! No one lives forever; there is a transit point; a day of judgement and of reckoning where we will be required to give account of our lives. The world beyond is not so far from you as you may wrongly perceive; it is just a step away from where you are now. As at now people are queuing for eternity in droves; indeed, very rich, intelligent, beautiful and powerful people of all hues have closed their eyes and exit the world every second of our lives, untimely snatched by the cold hands of death; and many are doing so right about now, even without the opportunity to repent of their sins and give their lives to Christ. Beloved, you have the chance to repent of your evil ways hence it becomes too late; there is nothing in this life that can satisfy you fully; at best they only satisfice as you will keep yearning and searching for more because human wants are insatiable…where will you spend eternity?
1. The Sign of brutal betrayals (Matthew 24:10) – There will be brutal betrayal between sons and fathers, husbands and wives, ilk and folks. The necessities and oddities of life have made us to live for our bellies; treachery and betrayal has become the order of the day! May you not experience betrayal in life, in Jesus name.
2. Tribulation and rumours of war (Matthew 24:6-7) – Are we not witnessing these now? There can-be no peace because we are at the last moments; the clock is fast
ticking as the moment approaches!
3. Increase of false Prophets, teachers and doctrines (Matthew 24: 4-5, 11) – People erroneously believe that failure of prophecy to come to pass is a pointer that the prophet is false; not so! There are so many prophets that we celebrate and eulogise but the truth is that they are so fake that even the very elect are being easily deceived. The bible admonishes that we should test all spirits…be careful lest you be led astray by their false doctrines!
4. Increase of wickedness in men (Matthew 24:9) -This is more within blacks; we are pathologically wicked! Africa cannot be developed because of our wickedness and witchcraft. We have people killing one another for pleasure, even beheading another human being and rejoicing over it; we have political office holders embezzling the monies meant for the people; we have men of God sending hired assassins after each other; there are step mothers and fathers enslaving and molesting their step children. We have come a point where we gleefully celebrate evil and welcome injustice; corruption is a norm; the wickedness of man has come to stay even within the altar, so how much more the congregation? Indeed, there is wickedness in high places!

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